Commercial furniture built, fixed, and moved.



On-demand professionals for all your furniture assembly tasks

Simplify furniture assembly for your business.

Our Assemplifiers are experts at installing commercial furniture, power components, storage solutions, architectural walls, acoustic dividers, meeting pods, and more.

Leverage our network for projects large and small.

From a sofa and a side table to a comprehensive multi-floor buildout, we take care of assembly jobs of any size.

Install fragile pieces without worry.

Our team has experience installing large glass-top tables, AV-intensive items, lab equipment, wall-mounted artwork, and more.

Centralize logistics for items arriving on a staggered schedule.

When a project calls for it, we can also receive, warehouse, and/or deliver your items.

Get fast help on time-sensitive projects.

Our team can take care of all your staging, showroom assembly, and temporary setup needs.

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An expert set of hands for layout adjustments, moves, and more

Update your space without the hassle.

Common areas, workspaces, and lobbies often need to be revamped. Our Assemplifiers will help you reconfigure existing furniture, asap.

Keep up with hybrid work policies.

Does a new policy require a new layout? We'll reconfigure your existing furniture to accommodate updated workplace solutions. All with minimal impact on daily operations.

Relocate or downsize while maintaining business continuity.

We disassemble, move, and reassemble your furniture exactly according to plan. If you’re reducing headcount, we can remove a part of your setup. We also offer disposal and recycling services.

Get reliable help for move-ins and move-outs.

Is an office tenant moving in? Or, is an internal department relocating to a different floor? From adjusting layouts to assembling new furniture, we’re on call for all move-in and move-out needs.


Trained teams to handle your furniture repair needs

Maintain your furniture assets with expert help.

Our team will handle touch-ups, repairs, part replacements, steam cleaning, and more. All to help ensure you maintain your spaces at the highest quality.

Resolve warranty issues without the headache.

Our manufacturer-trained Assemplifiers will document the issue in person and take care of the claim paperwork. Your Assemplifier will then fix the item or certify that it needs replacement.

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Dispose & Recycle

Reliable, easy-to-schedule furniture removal services

Manage outdated and unused items.

Our team is readily available to disassemble and properly dispose of surplus or broken items, including proper recycling when available.

Ready for hassle-free furniture installation help?

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